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Communications Exercise

August 2016 51 and 52 Squadrons on a communications exercise in Cumbria

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Remembrance Day

32 Signal Regiment paying their respects at the Remembrance parade at George Square in Glasgow, alongside the veterans from the Royal Signals Association.

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Aviva Aviva

The Regiment has just completed a challenging yet hugely rewarding two week period during which we took part in four different exercises simultaneously, working alongside regular army colleagues from a number of different Signal Regiments. Before heading out on the various exercises we had a refresher on our basic close combat skills and weapon training and tested our mental skills with a leadership development programme.

We used our newest communications system, Falcon, as part of Exercise Flying Falcon working with 21 Signal Regiment. This has been the biggest exercise the Royal Signals has held in over ten years and took place on Salisbury Plain. Falcon is a broadband network that provides army commanders with the ability to communicate using a range of different voice and data systems in a combat environment.

We also linked back to the main regimental location at York using Falcon to provide voice and data communications between the troops on Exercise Flying Falcon and those in York who were on a UK Operations exercise.

At the same time 40 Squadron from Northern Ireland and parts of 51 Squadron from Edinburgh headed to Denmark to take part in Exercise Viking Star using the Bowman combat net radio system.  Our troops were there to provide communications for the Army’s logistics specialists on a multi-national refuelling exercise.

Not to be outdone Dundee based 2 Squadron were on Exercise Mercury Rising in Arbroath using their specialist skills to provide long range communications in support of the Royal Navy.

We’ve been so busy and spread so far and wide that often the best way to get an overview of what everyone has been up to has been to follow the regimental facebook and twitter feeds.

Next week:-

Army Reservists take on Highest Mountains in Morocco

14 members of 32nd Signal Regiment depart next week on an adventure of a life time, hopefully summiting 2 of the highest mountains in Morocco. Timeesguida n’ Ouanoukrim (4088m) and Jbel Toubkal (4167m).  The team begin their acclimatization profile in Mgoun area finishing at Ait Ben Haddou (for those movie buffs it is where gladiator was filmed). The team then move to Lac D Ifni, move up to Nelter Refuge, before making the attempt at the 2 highest mountains.
Follow their progress at #moroccotrek32sr

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Lake Elsinore: Advanced Free Fall Skydiving – Video

See our group preparing for the dive with ground training and then some taking their first jump!

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Hewlett Packard Recruiting Event – Video

Some scenes from our recent recruiting event.

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Hewlett Packard Recruiting Event

The 32 Signal Regiment and Hewlett Packard Partnering event kicked off today at Erskine Campus.

The Regiment are putting on a series of presentations to Hewlett Packard employees, briefing them on the equipment that 32 Signal Regiment use on operations whilst putting of few individuals through a physical training assessment. The event will run to the 21 May. We look forward to welcoming new recruit candidates to 32 Signal Regiment in the very near future.

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Hewlett Packard Recruiting Event

The event will take place at HP’s Erskine Campus between 19-21 May 2015.

There will be a mix of serving regular and reservists on site to explain how HP employees could build and develop their civilian skills in the Army Reserve and take advantage of the wide range of opportunities to learn a range of new skills which the Reserve offers.

Interested employees (including contractors) can visit the information stands and displays in the reception area, visitors’ centre and visitors’ parking area and talk to the serving members of the Royal Signals, as well as attend one of the Army Reserve briefings that will be delivered daily. The briefing will cover how you can join the Reserve, the support you will receive from the Army and HP and the opportunities that are available to you.

There will also be various equipment and activity demonstrations showcasing a wide range of capabilities provided by the modern Army Reserve; including some developed in Erskine.

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Well Deserved Recognition

“Reserve forces will be rewarded for their commitment with a new post nominal award, while regulars may receive a new Long Service medal.”

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Learning life skills with the Army Reserves

Lara Small is a manufacturing engineer at Rolls-Royce. She’s also a troop commander in the Royal Engineers army reserves.

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