What are the benefits to you:


Mates for life

Comradeship and the Army go hand-in-hand. You’ll go through a lot with your fellow officers and soldiers, so it’s no wonder people form strong bonds in the Army Reserve. Members of 32 Signal Regiment say it’s one of the best things about their overall Reserve experience.


Make a real difference

The expert training you will receive in the Royal Signals Army Reserve is unparalleled. You’ll train with the latest equipment, achieve driving qualifications and obtain a security clearance as well as develop skills in leadership, management, IT, problem solving, and physical fitness — real skills that you can use every day in your civilian life.


Learn new skills

Choose to go on exercise or an expedition and you’ll get to travel around the UK or overseas. You might help facilitate a national event like the Commonwealth Games or a G8 summit, or you may support recovery from floods or snow clearance in your local community.



We will pay for every moment of your Reserve commitment; plus you will get a tax free annual bounty of up to £1700. Put simply, it’s income that goes straight in your pocket. You’ll get paid during initial military training, communications training and whenever you’re required for training during the year or on exercises. It’s a great way to put yourself ahead financially or fill the gap between jobs.

What are the benefits for your employer:

The Army will train your employee to:

• Understand orders, then plan and prioritise tasks.

• Be positive and goal-oriented.

• Make quick, objective decisions.

• Manage time and resources efficiently.

• Achieve high standards of quality control.

• Apply safe practices in the workplace.

The skills and character traits Army Reservist take back to you, their full time employer, include:

• Leadership, management and teamwork skills.

• Self discipline, initiative and punctuality.

• Self reliance and acceptance of responsibility.

• As an employer you pay nothing for the expert training your employee will receive in the Army Reserve.