Army Reserve – Who We Are & What We Do.

Army Reserve

32 Signal Regiment is made up of everyday people who are ready to step up to any challenge – if and when the country needs them. Reservist help local communities around Scotland / Northern Ireland / North East England and abroad; and play an import part in providing the additional officers and soldiers the British Army needs.

32 Signal Regiment is there whenever communities need a hand. As a Reservists, you’ll be part of the team that helps to deal with local adversities and national resilience. Deployments are voluntary so if you choose to stay local, there are plenty of ways to make a difference closer to home, in fact many of 32 Signal Regiment choose to perform their Army duties close to their local community.

Army Reserve

As a civilian, you’ll continue your career or education while you train as Reservist. You’ll be required to work a minimum of 28 days as part of 32 Signal Regiment, plus you will have the opportunity to go on exercises, expeditions and training to further hone your skills; all funded by the Army.
Army Reserve

The Signal Reserve have also provided support to events such as the Commonwealth Games and the G8 Summits. We use some of the latest military and off-the-shelf communications and IT equipment, some of which is kept at a moment’s notice to move to respond anywhere in the country that the Army Reserve is needed.

The Signal Reserve provide communications and IT advice to Regional Brigades in Scotland and Northern Ireland in support of civil engagement and homeland defence.

The Signal Reserve provide communications and IT advice to Infantry Brigades in Scotland and Northern Ireland in order to shape their communications and IT requirements for overseas training missions.

The Signal Reserve provide useful, well trained officers and soldiers to contribute to contingency operations overseas in support of our paired regular regiment, 2 Signal Regiment in York.

You’re not just joining an Army Reserve regiment, you’re learning a trade, gaining real military skills, leadership skills, acquiring adventure training experience and you get paid to have great fun doing it.

We are soldiers and expert communicators. We are Army Reserves.
We are The 32nd Signal Regiment.